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"It's What You See"

 24th October 2014 to 27th February 2015



It’s What You See is a collaborative exhibition of works by local artists Diana Boyd, Melissa North, and Naomi Stanitzki, responding to the unique environment and their lives in Port Hedland. While each artist takes inspiration from the unique Pilbara landscape, what emerges through "It’s What You See" is how the choice of medium and individual perspective affects the ways in which we see and experience the same environments. Visiting the exhibition will provide views of the Pilbara through three highly distinctive lenses.

“Pilbara ideas and subjects are common ground amongst us. The tides, the moon, the open land, feral animals, the sea etc, are something we have all experienced. By depicting these ideas and interpreting them our way, we shed new light from different perspectives” – Melissa North.



"A Dot on the Run"


13 March 2015 to 29 May 2015


The title "A Dot on the Run" is inspired by Paul Klee's quote, 'A line is a dot that went for a walk'. This is a survey exhibition of drawings on paper by emerging, mid- career, and established artists throughout regional and metropolitan Western Australia. Works exhibited demonstrate the great talent and variety of our State's artists.

Launching on Friday 13 March 2015, "A Dot on the Run" will be held in all three of the small gallery rooms, and will support feature exhibition from Vans Omega and Beastman entitled, "Converge".



"L O C A L~L O V E"


12 August 2014




'As we patiently anticipate the grand opening night for the Hedland Art Awards on Friday 29th August, the time has come to shine the spotlight on one of Port Hedland’s most sought after artists and nine time Art Award entrant, Melissa North. Melissa’s vivid and lively landscape paintings capture the beautiful coastlines of the Pilbara region, a place of great importance to the artist, “I feel the urge to capture the beauty that is right here on our doorstep; the true Port Hedland. You know, those special moments when a Sturt Desert Pea pops up in your front yard.” With a passionate drive to be in the bush or above the landscape (as seen in her aerial imagery), North says it is, “in her blood” to express these experiences in her paintings.


Melissa North’s participation in the Hedland Art Awards has led to an exciting opportunity to develop new works towards a group show. When asked about her upcoming group exhibition alongside fellow local artists Di Boyd and Naomi Stanitzki, opening at the Courthouse gallery on October 24th, Melissa humbly replied “I feel it is what the people of Port Hedland want. Everybody keeps hinting to me that I should have a show”.


Melissa continued to share that although it was almost impossible to bring all the artworks for a show together amidst working full time and being a full time mum, it just seemed to be the right thing to do as the demand for her work is so strong that her paintings sell as soon as they become available.To catch a glimpse of Melissa’s enriching artworks, head into the Courthouse gallery where you will find many of her smaller scale works and beautiful gift cards. The Hedland Art Awards exhibition runs from August 29th – October 12th.





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