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The Pilbara is in my blood… I was born in Wickham, Western Australia and have an urge to live here & recreate this landscape in paint.


I love the intense colours and the movement of line within the landscape… the creeks, the inlets, the shorelines, the salt pans and the iron-ore industry.


Flights from the Pilbara to Perth have driven me to capture the immediate environment we live in. 


'Melissa North's recognisable sweeping planes of red and blue acrylic reflect, with great momentum, the distortion of our view of a landscape and a horizon that is so grand in scale...As Melissa North so perfectly summarises, 'without stories and experiences being shared, culture is lost'. 

Mollie Hewitt, FORM Curator.


"I am inspired by Australian Painters Brett Whiteley and Robert Juniper".


Melissa North.



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